Quick, gritty and intense visuals from Snorre Krogh

Working out of Copenhagen in the field of Danish advertising everyone knows the storyboard artist Snorre Krogh – or at least I do! But I did not know that he is part of the game company Plotmaker Games and artist on their latest game London Dread. It is a is a dark and gritty cooperative game set in Victorian England designed by Asger Johansen. Players take on the role of investigators trying to uncover plots on the way to confronting a story specific finale. Snorre’s art is all about telling a story and is highly immersive. So I am very proud to present a glimpse into the quick, gritty and intense visuals from Snorre Krogh on London Dread – in this extensive interview. Enjoy!

London Dread

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Vincent Dutrait – master of board game art

If there is such thing as an famous board game artist it must be Vincent Dutrait – master of board game art. The sheer number of successful titles, using his handcrafted images, make him very hard to overlook. Famous people have fans – and we at GHG are definitely fans of Vincent. That is why we hope you will enjoy his answers to our questions for him as much as we did. Vincent is from France but lives and work out of Korea. Let’s get rolling with,

Vincent Dutrait – master of board game art

Medici close up

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Bringing a new glow to the art of games. Meet Brazilian artist Weberson Santiago.

With his wild and sparking textures and characters that ooze of personality Brazilian artist Weberson Santiago creates board game art like no one else. His artistic skills and wide portfolio range of commissioned work shines through in his work on games like Bloody Inn published by Pearl Games. And also artist on the newly funded deluxe Coup Brazilian edition. We are honored to present this interview the an artist we admire greatly – Mr. Santiago, from Brazil.


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Spring collection of top 4 games to explore on Table Topia.

As an artist you probably love to sit and gape on the artwork in your games. One really neat thing about the new digital playing platforms is that it is a doorway to study all cards in high resolution, in all games, without buying them all. Actually looking at card illustrations in Tabletopia feels different than looking at a real print. Most artist color their art digitally today and seeing an artwork fullscreen on your monitor makes you almost sense the brushstrokes. Study game art this way is an absolute blast. This is why I did a little spring collection of top 4 games to explore on Tabletopia you should check out and / or play.

NR I : Santorini

This game is a demo of the overly popular and awaited KS game Santorini. With rules you can learn in 4 minutes – this is a game for everyone. There is not much illustration work in it but what it got – looks fantastic! Art is by Mr. Cuddington that we did and interview with earlier – which you can find here.

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Painting and illustrating games – a video timelapse

Painting and illustrating games can be a tough job. In many cases overly detailed art on games are not necessarily for the best – sometimes simple and expressive visuals do not clash with the gameplay. My characters for Moogh are on the more detailed end of the scale maybe – I try not to use too much time on each painting but instead focus on color and expression. Below you can see the front and back image for a card – and over on facebook I posted a timelapse video of the painting process if you are interested.


players_vertical_guy1 oy



Learn how Marco Bucci unfold the karmic universe of Karmaka with his vibrant art

Making a strategic board game around the karmic universe is a great idea. Letting Marco Bucci unfold the visual landscape is an equally great idea. Following the hemispheregames duo Eddy Boxerman and Dave Burke leads us to the upcoming card game Karmaka. Eddy and Dave has been praised for their digital game Osmos.




The art of Karmaka is vivid and captivating. Karmaka defiantly takes an untraditional direction in its visual landscape. This is what Marco Bucci from Toronto, Canada, tells us about his work.



Color and light seems like one of your passions. How do you find the Karmaka color’s and when did you decide on the card distinction with color?



Yes, you’re totally right: capturing color and light is the reason I paint! The paintings in Karmaka were interesting because they came with an inherent limitation.

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Great news on our microgame Fool of the Feast.

Participating in contests on BGG. can be very fun indeed. There is much learnings to make by entering simple contests.. and for me it was suprisingly hard to get the final art done before entry deadline. Fool of the Feast entered so late in the contest I was afraid it would go unseen by fellow designers on BGG.


But with great happiness we can announce Fools of the Feast was among the 18 Finalists.


So to those who do not know about our little micro game this is it:



The King is holding a great banquet and demands the kingdom’s best entertainment possible. Therefore he has invited all Troubadours and Fools around to audition their best show. The winner will become Fool of the Feast and well rewarded.


players: 2-4
time: 10 min
age: 10+


With only three played cards in a game round – this game is easy. But with split cards and effects there is a more complex strategy to explore. The goal is to become the king’s fool – so basically everyone wins. The second time a players show gets the king’s favour – that player is the winner. A show consist of three rounds. The entertainer presentation, a fist act and a second act. The show with the most points total wins the king’s favor that round. The crown icons on a card is points you will score for act. So more crowns means a better act. This will be modified by what themes the king like and don’t like. So if the king laughs at your rivals “juggling monk” – you might need to mess that show up.

Full size cards A4.
Full size rules A4.

Full size cards (for US letter / A4)






A short ROUGH introduction


4 Great looking games at Essen Spiel

What a fantastic place to go – Essen Spiel 15! I was only able to attend two days but it was well worth it. There was waaay too many beautiful and genius designed games at the fair, to actually choose only the 4 best looking games. I won’t get into which games where the best played – you can see that many other places. I personally had fun with last years Colt Express which got an expansion, a Taiwanese game called Ponzi Scheme, the Korean game H.I.D.E., and 7Wonders DUEL (which also looked insanely good!). My Danish colleagues was receiving a lot of attention on the games Among Nobles and Fog of Love.


Okay okay – let’s see the games I want to praise for their looks

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