Spring collection of top 4 games to explore on Table Topia.

As an artist you probably love to sit and gape on the artwork in your games. One really neat thing about the new digital playing platforms is that it is a doorway to study all cards in high resolution, in all games, without buying them all. Actually looking at card illustrations in Tabletopia feels different than looking at a real print. Most artist color their art digitally today and seeing an artwork fullscreen on your monitor makes you almost sense the brushstrokes. Study game art this way is an absolute blast. This is why I did a little spring collection of top 4 games to explore on Tabletopia you should check out and / or play.

NR I : Santorini

This game is a demo of the overly popular and awaited KS game Santorini. With rules you can learn in 4 minutes – this is a game for everyone. There is not much illustration work in it but what it got – looks fantastic! Art is by Mr. Cuddington that we did and interview with earlier – which you can find here.

The game is a beautiful example of a well implemented game on TT.  I had a small issue with some of the components collision detection failing. Btw – does Aphrodite below remind you of someone from Game of Thrones or is it just me?

Santorini i1


NR II : Lewis & Clark


This game is just an absolute pearl in the art of games. Lewis & Clark is brought to life by Vincent Dutrait that I must say I am a huge fan of. I like the fact that the cards has this coating pattern like the real cards. So either they have be scanned of it is part of the art. Either way it is a great effect in the digital realm.

lewis i2

2 more games to explore on Tabletopia…


Since I saw this game the first time I wanted to study it closer – and that is now possible 🙂 K2 has a nice feel to the illustrations and the UI , and is a great setup in TT. Art by polish painter Jarek Nocón


NR IV : Scythe

So taking the amount of backers into consideration I am not the only one who love Jakub Rozalski’s art on Scythe. But TableTopia is also a nice place to glare at beautiful low  poly 3d models – which Scythe is full of. He still owe me an interview 🙂 which he probably forgot in the heat of success.


This concludes a small gem selection of top 4 games to explore on Tabletopia. As you see I am a fan of the TableTopia “player” – mostly because I think it delivers the best “feel” . Maybe the new Steam version will be less demanding on my laptop.


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