Spring collection of top 4 games to explore on Table Topia.

As an artist you probably love to sit and gape on the artwork in your games. One really neat thing about the new digital playing platforms is that it is a doorway to study all cards in high resolution, in all games, without buying them all. Actually looking at card illustrations in Tabletopia feels different than looking at a real print. Most artist color their art digitally today and seeing an artwork fullscreen on your monitor makes you almost sense the brushstrokes. Study game art this way is an absolute blast. This is why I did a little spring collection of top 4 games to explore on Tabletopia you should check out and / or play.

NR I : Santorini

This game is a demo of the overly popular and awaited KS game Santorini. With rules you can learn in 4 minutes – this is a game for everyone. There is not much illustration work in it but what it got – looks fantastic! Art is by Mr. Cuddington that we did and interview with earlier – which you can find here.

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