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My mission is to unbox the art of tabletop games

It seem as the love for board games and analog games has exploded around the world and the number of amazing games that hit the shelves is rising each year. Tabletop games can be entertainment, a social event, a competitive activity and so much more – but they are also pieces of art in their own. Unfortunately some games is being shipped without the proper attention to the visual side. I understand that for some designers mechanics is all – but I want to promote games with great art and show how much it can lift the game experience – even for abstract games.

My mission is to spread the love for the art of board games with you. To do so, we bring interviews with tabletop artists and tutorials and articles on art creation. This website has no specific rules – no fixed schedule on posting and is run primarily by one person – Niklas Hook.

Who I am

My name is Niklas and I am a passionate designer with deep passion for art and games. Besides running this website I also work on personal game projects, bringing game concepts alive, with a hopefully clever combination of systems (interaction), story (engagement) and visual mastery (belief). 

Niklas Hook


Niklas is the main administrator of GHG. He is an artist and amateur game designer and during daytime Art Director and motion designer at a Danish advertising agency.

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