Getting paid

Actually I did not really care about being ‘paid’ for anything when I started this website. The I have realised it is actually quite some work too keep a website dynamic and updated – and I started to consider what I saw others where doing like Patreon. Where followers can “buy a coffee” or subscribe for special content. I didn’t do that.

Then what?

I never wanted ads on the site that was not 100% chosen by me. So I tried to showcase some games and hoped for someone that would pay to be represented here. Nothing happened.

I have tested to ask for “gum” instead of “coffee” by using Gumroad as a patreon. No one bought a gum.

I will take down the Gumroad link because I think ‘subscription’ is a lot to ask. Instead, I made a one-time donation product that might be more edible.


Donate 1$

Now what?

Many of my interviews does not oblige for feedback by the readers and it sometimes feels like pushing on into the void. Comments on the posts here or on twitter would be just as valuable as coins. It could be fun to find a way to finance some of the work put into this – even if it would never come close it could be a motivation. That was why I thought that cryptocurrency could be an easy way to tribute GreenHookGames. SO this is a test to see if any readers got some loose coins

Scan this address below to donate with bitcoin

ADDRESS: 3HNHHC2ipTHMGexhg6qmNg4ok8guxYeu7a


If this then what?

If Bitcoin is not a solution – I will continue as I have done so far. I will continue to bring stories about the art and artists behind board games. As I said in the beginning – this is in the end not about making money. If there are any readers out there that have a success story or idea of what I could do to monetize – a comment below would make my day!

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