Vincent Dutrait – master of board game art

If there is such thing as an famous board game artist it must be Vincent Dutrait – master of board game art. The sheer number of successful titles, using his handcrafted images, make him very hard to overlook. Famous people have fans – and we at GHG are definitely fans of Vincent. That is why we hope you will enjoy his answers to our questions for him as much as we did. Vincent is from France but lives and work out of Korea. Let’s get rolling with,

Vincent Dutrait – master of board game art

Medici close up

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Graham Dolle about illustrating Dethroned – the real time card game

The great part about writing about art of games is that we choose what art to write about. Recently there have not been much catching our attention and it seems far between the games that receive the proper love on the artistic side. But then we stumble upon the pretty little card game called Dethroned -designed by Eliot ‘KiteLion’ Leo Carney-Seim. This is a hidden role cutthroat game without turns. The game is a pretty example on how you can make elegant card illustrations that together create a family of cards without over cluttering of details. The characters in the game each has their own story and is simple but expressive. We are happy that we got to talk with Graham Dolle about illustrating Dethroned, he is the artist behind the game. He recently moved from Maryland to Flagstaff, Arizona.



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Painting and illustrating games – a video timelapse

Painting and illustrating games can be a tough job. In many cases overly detailed art on games are not necessarily for the best – sometimes simple and expressive visuals do not clash with the gameplay. My characters for Moogh are on the more detailed end of the scale maybe – I try not to use too much time on each painting but instead focus on color and expression. Below you can see the front and back image for a card – and over on facebook I posted a timelapse video of the painting process if you are interested.


players_vertical_guy1 oy