Moogh Journal

So instead of jotting this down in some google keep notes or a drive doc, I’m sharing it here. This is a short summary of things I need to solve or want to add to Moogh.

Issues as it is now:

  • There is a slight unknown when manipulating the Moogh and that is when you turn the control card. BUT I do realise that when there is no competitiveness it is much easier to control it.. maybe I there should be some timer on the event or someting to compensate for this in solo mode.

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Entries are in for the 9 card nano contest

I worked hard to get the rules done in time but Moogh and Nian are both “done”. Nian is a simple 9 card game with a Chinese new years theme – maybe it could have had more strategy and I hope that I can find the energy to explore the game.

Moogh ended up as a quite nice little game with a lot of things going on (I even stripped it down a lot). I think Moogh could work even better if there was no component restrictions – as it is now it suffers a little from the limited amount of tokens etc.


To write clear game rules is way more complicated than I initally thought it would be 🙂 During my final tests I played around in TableTopia and making the game playable online. You can take a look here


So I embrace the extra time I got. Currently I am working on making a Table Topia Tailored game – but I think I want to get a prototype done quickly to playtest the idea.


Painting and illustrating games – a video timelapse

Painting and illustrating games can be a tough job. In many cases overly detailed art on games are not necessarily for the best – sometimes simple and expressive visuals do not clash with the gameplay. My characters for Moogh are on the more detailed end of the scale maybe – I try not to use too much time on each painting but instead focus on color and expression. Below you can see the front and back image for a card – and over on facebook I posted a timelapse video of the painting process if you are interested.


players_vertical_guy1 oy