Moogh Journal

So instead of jotting this down in some google keep notes or a drive doc, I’m sharing it here. This is a short summary of things I need to solve or want to add to Moogh.

Issues as it is now:

  • There is a slight unknown when manipulating the Moogh and that is when you turn the control card. BUT I do realise that when there is no competitiveness it is much easier to control it.. maybe I there should be some timer on the event or someting to compensate for this in solo mode.

  • Consider making a bigger board.
  • The obstacles are rocks, cliff and trees, and yes this should be clarified better in the rules. When the Moogh moves into a cliff it does not move. But it can move past players. So I will also write this part better. (Moogh Rules page 9 wrote) Moogh tramples forward the number of spaces indicated. If the path is blocked the movement stops.
  • Improve indication of healthy side vs unhealthy.
  • A suggestion would be to place dice roll numbers on the Moogh card for the players that are on the animal’s back to take damage/fall off if they are hit when the Moogh attacks. In other words, just like you have dice roll numbers around the animal, you should add them to 4 spaces on the animal, to make it harder for players to stay on the beast. (charles ward.
  • Actually consider removing the SHAKE all together and make it some defined situation – like move 2 or 3 and turns.
  • Landing on other players or getting pushed into a occupied space needs to be explained

  • Some rolls are to hard to succeed to even want to try. Like making climb a 3+ and Attract a 3+ or 2+ even.
  • Attract and Sedate should be rewarded.
  • Maybe make 3 square spaces on top of Moogh. (you can’t climb if someone is there.)
  • Maybe change Aim to the stab icon with an extra eye.
  • Avoid repetitive. Maybe have a bonus card, and flip a new when it is claimed. Could be first on top. How could I counter repetitions ?
  • what happens when both red and white have been killed? I assumed the Moogh performed actions x2 between brown/green turns.
  • In the print and play remove corners


Things that should be done.

  • RE-WRITE and proof read the rules. Add a components sections and page numbers
  • State that rage goes up AFTER both double stabs or in between.
  • New art for the Rules
  • Either make Moogh action Dice or swap the control card to eloonged tokens with help text.
  • Start with 2 beasts.?
  • correct 9 spaces to 12 spaces around Moogh, in the rules
  • Naming the Cavemen
  • Start closer to the action. Make a more diverse start. Also on the Moogh control card.
  • Make a better instruction/walkthrough video.
  • Paint2 extra cavemen

Other ideas.

maybe let players only be knocked out. The difference between the roll and the save is the turns you are out. Another player might be able to help you on your feet again..



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  1. Do you mind if I translate your game into Portuguese? I would send you the translation and if you would like to publish it in PT-Br

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