Painting and illustrating games – a video timelapse

Painting and illustrating games can be a tough job. In many cases overly detailed art on games are not necessarily for the best – sometimes simple and expressive visuals do not clash with the gameplay. My characters for Moogh are on the more detailed end of the scale maybe – I try not to use too much time on each painting but instead focus on color and expression. Below you can see the front and back image for a card – and over on facebook I posted a timelapse video of the painting process if you are interested.


players_vertical_guy1 oy



Interview with Eduardo García (Del Cid)

Recently we backed the kickstarter board game Apotheca – Secret potion society by Andrew Federspiel and Knapsack games. The project was fully funded and reached all stretch goal with a funding of 563%!! which is insane. In a recent analysis of kickstarter projects I tried to evaluate how important the artwork is when doing a crowdfunded game.


We can only speculate how much the artwork affected Apotheca’s success because it also got some very nice reviews. Newer the less the fantastic artwork is made by Eduardo García who was kind enough to let us inside on his workflow and story. There is a lot of game designer interviews out there but here is some pointers from a gifted game artist…




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