Great news on our microgame Fool of the Feast.

Participating in contests on BGG. can be very fun indeed. There is much learnings to make by entering simple contests.. and for me it was suprisingly hard to get the final art done before entry deadline. Fool of the Feast entered so late in the contest I was afraid it would go unseen by fellow designers on BGG.


But with great happiness we can announce Fools of the Feast was among the 18 Finalists.


So to those who do not know about our little micro game this is it:



The King is holding a great banquet and demands the kingdom’s best entertainment possible. Therefore he has invited all Troubadours and Fools around to audition their best show. The winner will become Fool of the Feast and well rewarded.


players: 2-4
time: 10 min
age: 10+


With only three played cards in a game round – this game is easy. But with split cards and effects there is a more complex strategy to explore. The goal is to become the king’s fool – so basically everyone wins. The second time a players show gets the king’s favour – that player is the winner. A show consist of three rounds. The entertainer presentation, a fist act and a second act. The show with the most points total wins the king’s favor that round. The crown icons on a card is points you will score for act. So more crowns means a better act. This will be modified by what themes the king like and don’t like. So if the king laughs at your rivals “juggling monk” – you might need to mess that show up.

Full size cards A4.
Full size rules A4.

Full size cards (for US letter / A4)






A short ROUGH introduction


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