Two ArtHooks to two superior looking games.

Taking the pulse on the art side of kickstarter table top category. We want to praise two great looking games with an ArtHook each.



The Great Dinosaur Rush Game

This is an great example of board game art when it is best. The illustrations have great texture and feel but is at the same time quite readable – like the player screens front and back. The game looks very interesting , designed by Scott Almes from APE games. Artwork is made by Mr. Cuddington (apparently David & Lina).

World’s Fair 1893 – Board Game

The second ArtHook goes to Foxtrot Games World’s Fair 1893, because it captures the time and magic really well. The board looks quite beautiful. Art and design by Adam McIver (again) and Beth Sobel 



Always feel free to contact GHG on art reviews, comments or need for feedback. We will gladly take a look on design and or illustrations. And to upcoming kickstartes – remember the importance of the visuals accompanying your game ! We might award you with a Hook.



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