Halloween Hooks for two different and scary projects

Halloween Hook

I want to celebrate Halloween with this months Golden Art Hooks. That is why I have found 2 games that I think should be awarded.


1 Golden Skull Hook goes to

Escape the Nightmare

This game got my attention because it really tries to disrupt the game experience. The game looks fun and seems like the art, card text and game idea is well matched. It is not so often you find so surreal, nightmarish dreamscapes in game art. This was made possible by art contribution from 21 different artists

Serge BiraultSabin BoykinovBill CarmanBastien Lecouffe DeharmeErik Dillinger – Erik’s Card PostDave “Loopydave” DunstanJonathan Grimes,George Guo
Nick HarrisAbigail LarsonPatricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall,Veronique MeignaudFergal O’Connor,Ania PawlikCorinne ReidFelipe Pizarro Sáenz De UrturyAllison ReimoldEdwin RhemerevKirill SemenovMatthew Sergison-MainMin Yum





Kingdom Death : Monster

This game will get a golden hook but not for its painted art. – though it has some great images. This game contains incredible detailed and powerfull 3d sculpted minis. I usually say that great art in a game is big part of the game experience – but of course this goes for great miniatures and game components. Kingdom Death: Monster fits the scary theme of todays post – but it is also an evident statement of the effect with a 5856% backed kickstarter.

Artists: Jon Troy Nickel, Lorinda Tomko, Lokman Lam

web-kingdom-death-scribe-1_900 web-forge-god-1v2_900



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