Moogh is not dead yet

I can see there is some activity on the print & play files for Moogh, and on that note, I want to share the current progress on Moogh 2.0.

I am working on an extra set of cavemen so that it is possible to play 3 players with each 2 characters. From the feedback (if you played it – I will be soo happy if you took a minute to fill the form ) I got on the game I will try to make the abilities more co-operative.


Maybe I will make one character able to get the wounded back into the fight. I am considering to have 3 leaders and 3 sidekicks that can be combined to 9 possible group setups. I do not know if I need some kind of initiative. Currently the phases are: caveman a1+b2  -> moogh -> a2 + b1 -> moogh.  But if we say a1+c1+b2 ->moogh -> a2+c2+b1 ->moogh, who will then go first?


Well anyway here is a sneak detail from the work in progress of the new female  character and the brute:)

brute shaman


On an end note I gotta back this!! Cavemen miniatures.

I am afraid the game is an ideaclone but this one is not really 🙂

Prehistoric card game on KS 

or this –

Caveman game nr 3

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