5 additional questions for the master of board game art

We are proud to bring you a look into the process of a master board game artist – Vincent Dutrait here.

We did ask some extra questions you might find interesting or funny 🙂


Why are so many great illustrators french?


I think because of the story of the “bande dessinée” in France. We (me and other illustrations) “eat” a lot images from many many different sources. So I think that the culture of image is really strong in France. And also, we have some perfect Art Schools but more Applied Arts Schools, this is a huge nuance!


Have you ever experienced that a game designer changed his game because he was inspired by your art, or because you had some comments?


Yes, and because I’m involving more and more in the development of board games, publishers and designers ask for my help and thoughts really soon, during the very first steps to find the best way to mix the substance and the style, the gameplay and illustrations.


What game artwork from all you have done are you personally most satisfied with?


Hmmm, difficult. I think that the duo Lewis & Clark + Discoveries is a great one because it’s my complete point of view, in two parts, about this great journey. And also the incoming Rising 5. Because I waited for a long time to do Science-Fiction illustrations and I can put all my ideas here!


When making many cards for a game (like Rising5) what paper size do you make a card in – a5?


Original art for a Rising5 card is about 10x15cm up to 20cm for height


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