ONI game art by RochiSour



It’s a lot of work that goes into the creation of a new game – and launching a Kickstarter. Todays interview is with artist behind a Kickstarter project that is 80+% funded, as we write, of a feasible goal.backed Her name is Rochi Ogñenovich a.k.a. RochiSour. The game is a family project together with her husband Sebastian, and we guess their both must be filled with anxiety, when ONI is closing in on the end date.(UPDATE – ONI has been fully funded!) Here at GHG we believe that the real quality of a game can’t be measured from whether you succeed or don’t succeed a Kickstarter – but as a audience we try to analyse the given information. ONI seems like a easy to learn game and the art is colourful, stylish and great looking – so why don’t just go pledge HERE now and read on afterwards.

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