Celebrating the board game art of games with two “Golden Hooked Brush Awards”

It is time for another round of Gold Hooked Brush Award. Okay okay! I know this award yet is unofficial and currently given to who we at GHG think deserves it….and maybe the award statuette image is a bit cheesy 🙂  (what do you think?) BUT board game ART definitely need a Gold Hooked Brush Award.


This month we will celebrate it with two very different expressions of card illustrations that highlight the fact that great art for games comes in many different forms. The award goes too….


The award goes to the art of Control and the art of Karmaka. The visual expression of the two games are very different – yet both artist create the illustrations digitally and apply them with a vibrant and rough feel that triggers our imaginations.



takes a stylised black and white approach with gold and silver as the only added colors. With a great monoline design for the backs and the box art and minimalistic icons it leaves a gloomy graphic sci-fi manifestation.




rips a hole in your head with is rapid strokes, strong compositions and vivid shimmering – almost monochrome color schemes.

Template for cards 63x88mm


We  have been fortuned to interview both Kyle Key on the art of Control and also Marco Bucci on the art of Karmaka. Happy Reading and congratulations to the artists with the virtual statuettes.


award_karmaka award_control
The current look on the award is in the making. It will be reserved for the work of excellence. So if you have special wish for a flat and digital statuette or think your game deserves it you are welcome to contact us on: info at greenhookgames dot com. If the brush gets really good we might make it physical. 

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