We want you! An open game journal

Greenhookgames.com is finally coming along. The majority of our games are under development – and we like to keep our cards close! But read along

GHG started an open game journal on google+ free for you to follow along. The game working title is “Project Y”. You play science engineers with individual goals working on a secret government project. The game is not on a tight deadline so don’t expect too much activity.


The reason we are going public with this games development is because it started online and the critique was really good from fellow designers. Read some of the notes on the comments on the game.

GreenHookGames welcomes you to follow along and take part.

2 thoughts on “We want you! An open game journal

  1. Great article, Hook. Not only were your questions excellent but the formatting and delivery is superb. I love the response to the quip about Corel Painter.

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