Art Hook’s: This Months highlight on great looking Kickstarters

Ok ok – we know its superficial to award games purely on their looks. There are way to many games that are brought to life with to low quality on the art – and here on GHG we want to praise the game designers who allies with artist that give their games the love it should have. Currently there are not many projects running that look even ok. But we found you 3 good looking games you should check out.



Avalance at Yeti Mountain

A really fun and playful style on the illustrations. Cards a nice and the cover is awesome. A downside is that it looks a bit repetitive and not containing so many different artworks. Art by Adam McIver. And btw we love the game company name 😀


CatTube Famous

This game could have used real photos and it would probably be equal fun – but this game brings really fun looking CAT illustrations in a very professional style – that looks anime inspired. It works great with the stylised card backs. A small minus is that the images could use more space.

Art by Liam Alkamraikhi




Trove: The Crystal Caverns

Last game that we give an Art Hook is Trove. The art is great and very personal. The style is loose with strong lines and expression. We would like to bold icons on the cave pieces and the great use of grouping cards with colors. Art by Kyle Ferrin


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