This game is a idea pitched on Game Design Showdown on It is a pure [ideaphase] – just words!

Score 3/8 : 1 gold + 2 Silver +2 Bronze.

May 2015

Theme: Black Bag


Space Swap


All players play as space bank robbers in this intergalactic heist showdown. This is a game where you need to remember what you seen where and what you assume other players did on their move. Double check your teammates actions.

10 Next heist cards.
6 player meeples.
6 player screens to hide their actions.
A space map with many planets and dotted travel lines.
60 small gold bars
18 small briefcases. each with space for 4 gold bars.
30 Action cards.

How it goes
Every player starts with 3 briefcases. At the start and after each completed heist a “next heist” will be revealed. This card is the orders and plan from the crew-boss – and tells which bank should be robbed next and when. All robbers able to be on the planet when the heist go down will participate. Different banks have different amount of treasure. If a bank has 1-8 gold that is distributed between robbers and they can put in their briefcase. After the heist every player has to move away from the robbed bank because stellar-police will chase them. Anyone catched will lose the gold they carry and it is put in the nearest unrobbed bank.

When ending movement on a planet a player may leave one of his 3 briefcases there. A player may always look in briefcases where he is standing – and she may secretly move gold between the briefcases he carry and cases where she stand.

Why stash
Players need to hide their gold. all board tiles got a number and each round a police-dice is rolled. If your number is up for inspection you gotta empty your bags.

Action cards
Each round players may take one. This got different playable effects like; Let players buy quicker ships for gold. Swap cases on the board. Quick transfer to bank. Escape police patrol etc.

Know where to find 10 gold bars?
At any time in the game a player may try to run with the loot. She may name 3 briefcases on the board she will take with her. She secretly looks first herself. If she got a total of 10 gold -she wins! otherwise she is out – leaving the gold where it is.