Graham Dolle about illustrating Dethroned – the real time card game

The great part about writing about art of games is that we choose what art to write about. Recently there have not been much catching our attention and it seems far between the games that receive the proper love on the artistic side. But then we stumble upon the pretty little card game called Dethroned -designed by Eliot ‘KiteLion’ Leo Carney-Seim. This is a hidden role cutthroat game without turns. The game is a pretty example on how you can make elegant card illustrations that together create a family of cards without over cluttering of details. The characters in the game each has their own story and is simple but expressive. We are happy that we got to talk with Graham Dolle about illustrating Dethroned, he is the artist behind the game. He recently moved from Maryland to Flagstaff, Arizona.



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Kyle Key use the Apple Pen to control the design of Control

What is the best choice of visuals for your game? Many games could have had a completely different approach to the art and would it still be the same game experience? Control is a new strategic card game, designed by Mattox Shuler  and Kyle Key from Keymaster Games. The game art comes across as strong and bold with an graphic novel style wrapped in a sharp and elegant design. With its black, white, gold and silver colored cards – Control stands out as an piece of art itself. We asked the artist Kyle Key about the design and we discover that he does all the artwork on an Ipad Pro. He currently lives in Athens, Ga. USA with his wife Julie and their 11 month old daughter Emory.




A quick visit on your dribble and ink365 page shows a portfolio with strong graphical design items like logos and posters but also some traditional pen and paper skills. Do you think of yourself more as an designer or illustrator? And what was your role on the game Control?


If I had to pick between the two, I’m going to lean towards illustrator.I started with a fine art background and actually have a degree in painting. Design and working on branding elements came after I already had a traditional art background so I would have to lean on my roots. My work on the game Control from an art standpoint has been a great example of me designing and illustrating for the same project. My role included the creation of monoline design elements on the backs of the cards and box as well as the 50’s sci-fi style illustrations for the fronts of the cards. The layout of the cards and typeface was created by Mattox Shuler of Fort Foundry, who is also the game play designer. I served as an advisor to Mattox on the game mechanics since this would be the first game published under my board game company, Keymaster Games.

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Learn how Marco Bucci unfold the karmic universe of Karmaka with his vibrant art

Making a strategic board game around the karmic universe is a great idea. Letting Marco Bucci unfold the visual landscape is an equally great idea. Following the hemispheregames duo Eddy Boxerman and Dave Burke leads us to the upcoming card game Karmaka. Eddy and Dave has been praised for their digital game Osmos.




The art of Karmaka is vivid and captivating. Karmaka defiantly takes an untraditional direction in its visual landscape. This is what Marco Bucci from Toronto, Canada, tells us about his work.



Color and light seems like one of your passions. How do you find the Karmaka color’s and when did you decide on the card distinction with color?



Yes, you’re totally right: capturing color and light is the reason I paint! The paintings in Karmaka were interesting because they came with an inherent limitation.

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Meet the artist behind Glassworks, the third expansion for Kings Forge. Character designer and illustrator Denis Martynets

Glassworks – the third expansion for Kings Forge, look really great. Glassworks is designed by Nick Sibicky and illustrated by the Ukrainian artist Denis Martynets . Following the style of the original game, illustrated by Jonathan Kirtz – which also can be found on Table Topia. Denis is from Kiev and kindly agreed to share his story with us.

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A peek under the coat – An unveiling interview with Mr. Cuddington

When we recently awarded a golden hook to the Great Dinosaur Rush by Ape games I really loved the art. Its a great dust digging color scheme and cute characters that capture the Archeology and Palaeontology feeling in it’s essence. Actually we see the game is released on TableTopia – the online board game platform we recently made a special label forThe artist behind Bone Wars (which some call it) is Mr. Cuddington – that is one cool name that made me curious. GreenHookGames are happy to serve you this interview with Mr. Cuddington. Its a peek under the coat that, as some may know, reveals not one but two persons!



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Chaotic process with stunning results – Interview with Xavier aka Naïade

I just love artwork in games. Maybe it is because those artworks rarely stand alone. Maybe its because they tell a story or maybe I just like how they are framed with icons and text. It is not art that should only be viewed or read – it must be captivating and follow the flow of play. I am not sure why I love game art in specific – but I am sure that one of my favourite board game artists must be Xavier from Nantes, France. Also goes by the name Naïade. Enjoy our interview with him.


Could you tell us a little about how you became an artist?:

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Have you seen the New Salem art ? Meet Andrea Olgiati – the artist.

WE might remember New Salem (designed by Brian Henk & Clayton Skacke) the ‘hidden identity’ card game on Kickstarter but I had forgotten the mesmerising images on the cards. It was only because Overworld Games have it as a pledge reward on Booze Barons (which also looks great by the way) – that I could see we had to interview the Artist behind New Salem. Meet Andrea from Locarno, Switzerland.


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ONI game art by RochiSour



It’s a lot of work that goes into the creation of a new game – and launching a Kickstarter. Todays interview is with artist behind a Kickstarter project that is 80+% funded, as we write, of a feasible goal.backed Her name is Rochi Ogñenovich a.k.a. RochiSour. The game is a family project together with her husband Sebastian, and we guess their both must be filled with anxiety, when ONI is closing in on the end date.(UPDATE – ONI has been fully funded!) Here at GHG we believe that the real quality of a game can’t be measured from whether you succeed or don’t succeed a Kickstarter – but as a audience we try to analyse the given information. ONI seems like a easy to learn game and the art is colourful, stylish and great looking – so why don’t just go pledge HERE now and read on afterwards.

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Whale art – Interview with Nolan Nasser. The artist behind New Bedford.

The two young  game companies Greater than games and Dice Hate Me games, that merged in 2015, just launched a successful kickstarter campaign currently over 300% funded – New Bedford : The Game of Historic Whaling & Town Building . GHG talked to the artist behind it, Nolan Nasser.


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Interview with Eduardo García (Del Cid)

Recently we backed the kickstarter board game Apotheca – Secret potion society by Andrew Federspiel and Knapsack games. The project was fully funded and reached all stretch goal with a funding of 563%!! which is insane. In a recent analysis of kickstarter projects I tried to evaluate how important the artwork is when doing a crowdfunded game.


We can only speculate how much the artwork affected Apotheca’s success because it also got some very nice reviews. Newer the less the fantastic artwork is made by Eduardo García who was kind enough to let us inside on his workflow and story. There is a lot of game designer interviews out there but here is some pointers from a gifted game artist…




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